The purpose of this classic-vintage site is to encourage those interested in enjoying and preserving vintage lightweight "racing" style bicycles of the period from the early 20th century until 1999. These are primarily steel, most often "lug built, not welded, injection molded, or glued. We are devoted to road and pista machines rather than mountain bikes, "middle weights", BMX, recumbent, and balloon-tired bikes. Those bikes have merit, but are not "on topic" for the Vintage Wheeler.

Friday, April 29, 2011


Casati started their family business in Monza, Italy in 1920. Over the years, their three-generation business has become a point of reference in hand made frame manufacturing in the cycling world. Due to their manufacturing skills, experience, and attention to detail on each of their unique frames, to this day, they are known as the epitome of excellence in the cycling world.

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