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Thursday, August 5, 2010


Miyata was founded by Eisuke Miyata, a gunsmith employed by the Hitachi Kuni Kasama Clan. Miyata built Japan's first conventional, modern, bicycle at the Miyata Gun Factory in 1892. He recognized the future of gun manufacturing in Japan was not strong, and got the idea for a new bike design after being asked by a foreigner to repair a conventional bicycle. The steel tubes used for the new Miyata bicycle were manufactured with the same technique as the piping used for guns. It was bored out lengthwise using a round steel rod. The entire bicycle, except the tires, was built from scratch at the gun factory. The Miyata brand still exists and, while it is no longer distributed in the United States, it remains popular in Europe under the Dutch "Koga-Miyata" brand. As of 2008, there is limited availability of Koga-Miyata bicycles in North America. Koga Miyata was a joint project. By A. Gaastra (Koga) and Miyata. The bikes are built in the Netherlands. Koga-Miyata is a Dutch bicycle manufacturer, established in Heerenveen. Koga Miyata is nowadays part of the Accell Group. In the early seventies the company was established by mr. A. Gaastra. The additive Miyata came of the Japanese frame builder, with whom Gaastra cooperated.

I figured out all the serial numbers for Miyata Bicycles Made in Japan Since 1972, according with the first letter on the serial number. A 1972 B 1973 C1974 D1975 E1076 F 1977 G 1978 H 1979 I 1980 J 1981 K 1982 L 1983 M 1984 N 1985 O 1986 P 1987 Q 1998 R 1989 S 1990 T 1991 U 1992 V 1993 W 1994 X 1995Y 1996 Z 1997


  1. I just got one of these in original condition. What a joy to ride.
    BTW suzie is my wife im using her comp, im Ian

  2. So lucky to have it. Enjoyed !

  3. I just got one in our shop and Its going home with me...I love this Bike

  4. By what method did you change the downtube shifters to STIs?

    Got one coming in from America and wanna make it a bit more modern