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Thursday, July 29, 2010


Detto Pietro was born in 1895 and is on the market with an offer of cycling bicycle racing high-end technical handicrafts.Detto Pietro also offers customized products for the range mountain bike and triathlon and makes it even more enjoyable for the bicycle in the city through a range of city bikes with high style.Detto Pietro also offers a wide range of products from the best brands on the market.Detto Pietro in the heart of Milan with a shop big, bright and well equipped.The offer said Pietro is based on the concept that every athlete must have a bicycle adapted to its physical structure because this is the factor that allows to fully exploit their potential. Said Pietro addresses this need by creating custom bikes on the physical characteristics of the client through a customized production using components with the highest technical quality on the market.But Pietro said the bikes are not only technically advanced, are also attractive thanks to a special attention to the choice of colors and design. Owning a bicycle said Pietro is all a factor of great pride and great satisfaction technique.

The national and international image of the Detto Pietro firm comes from an history which begin one hundred years old with the introduction by the establisher Detto Sante of a great innovation in the cycling world: the shoes for racing bikes.
The Detto Pietro was founded in the far 1895, as a firm of innovation in a phase of big technical and cultural changes, from the cinema of the Lumière's brothers, to the first pneumatics Michelin, to the first biennial of Venice. The shop placed in the heart of Milan showed the little shoes which in all over the world are become the standard for cycle racing. And "the Detto" have been used by the most famous champions: from Girardengo to Binda, from Coppi to Poblet, from Terruzzi to severals others athletes. In the seventies and more precisly in the eighties, the reply capacity of Detto Pietro to the sudden changes of the market and his exigencies, lead the firm to specialize in the offer of racing bikes, and become a reference of quality and image in this market segment. Quality, image, professionality, responsiveless to the changes have been the keysuccess factory of Detto Pietro in its first one hundred years of life, as well as they will be its strengths facing the new challenges of the years 2000.

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